CAMTP home 9th International Summer School/Conference
at the University of Maribor, Slovenia
22 June - 6 July 2014


The structure of the School & Conference this year will be quite similar to the previous one, the 8th, in 2011.

In the first week we shall have mainly school programme consisting of the following five lecture courses (one hour = 60 minutes):

  1. Stefano Boccaletti, Firenze, Italy, 7 hours: Complex networks: Structure and dynamics

  2. Tassos Bountis, Patras, Greece, 5 hours: Mathematical modeling of complex systems

  3. Anna Carbone, Torino, Italy, 7 hours: Challenges in Complex Systems: in particular in socio/economic sciences

  4. Predrag Cvitanovic, Atlanta, USA, 10 hours: Introduction to nonlinear dynamics

  5. Thomas Guhr, Duisburg-Essen, Germany, 5 hours: Introduction to econophysics

The abstracts of the lecture courses are appended below and at the end of the information brochure on page 27.

In the second week we shall have the conference programme, but nevertheless the lectures will still be at the colloquium level, thus including a good introduction for the students, nonspecialists and general physics audience. The detailed programme will be set up in the middle of May 2014.

The session for short reports (contributed talks) presented by the participants will be mainly on Saturday 28 July 2014 in the morning until lunch time. The posters will be on display during the entire period of the School/Conference, that is two weeks.

The scientific topics covered by the lecture courses and invitted talks is as follows:


Synergetic approach to self-organizing systems
Discrete versus continuous representation of dynamical systems
Mathematical background
Physical background
Classical and quantum Hamiltonian systems
Dissipative systems
Ergodic theory
Open systems
Information dynamics
Fractal structures - geometry of chaos
Quantum aspects of classical chaotic systems (quantum chaos)
Qualitative and quantitative analysis of time series
Modelling and simulation of system dynamics
Qualitative modelling - problems and perspectives


Physics and Mathematics
Classical Hamiltonian nonlinear dynamics
Chaos in celestial mechanics and stellar dynamics
Chaos in the Solar System dynamics
Dynamics of dissipative systems
Fluid dynamics: Theory of turbulence
Cellular automata
Quantum physics: Quantum chaos
Atomic and molecular physics
Semiclassical mechanics
Periodic orbit theory (Gutzwiller approach)
Random matrix theories
Mesoscopic systems (microstructures, quantum dots)
Microwave cavities and wave chaos

Structural and dynamical stability
Control of chaos in mechanical systems
Electrical circuits
Neural networks and neural computers
Chemical reactions
Mesoscopic solid state systems

Biophysics and Physiology
Brain functioning
Blood flow (revealing oscillators)
Modelling of complex biological and physiological systems
Turing structures
Pattern formation

Evolutionary economics, macroeconomic cycles
Stock market dynamics
Financial systems
Sociological aspects of economical structures and developments

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